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  • Author: Skipco
  • Posted:Feb 19, 2021 11:15 am EST
Skipco Arbitration Policy (Changes Effective 03/01/21) Removed mile restriction from Skipco Arbitration Addendum Seller disclosure always applies. Overrides the Auction Guarantee and the under $1500 policy Post Sale Inspections 7-day cost increased from $85 to $95 Post Sale Inspections now allow for a 14-day guarantee for $165 (by request only) Arbitrations are subject to a $35 inspection fee NAAA Policy Changes Vehicles exceeding 20 model years are not arbitratable RV’s, trailers, watercraft exceeding...

Convention - October 10-11, 2021 : Host - Trucks and Auto Auction, Pasco, Wa.

NAPAA is comprised of some of the most respected public auctions in the country.

Our members abide by the NAPAA Code of Ethics so that when you sell or purchase a vehicle through one of our public auctions you know that you are getting an automobile that was represented fairly.


To offer our customers an alliance of quality automotive auction professionals, who utilize the most efficient re-marketing methods available to auction vehicles to both dealers and the public, while providing a consistent WIN-WIN scenario for buyers and sellers.

Our public auctions are also open to car dealers. If you’re looking to bid like the dealers bid and get wholesale car prices, then one of our public auctions is the place for you. Our members offer a variety of donation vehicles, government vehicles, repossessed vehicles, all open to the public. If you’re looking for a great deal on cars, check out one of our member auctions at the National Association of Public Auto Auctions.

Our list of public auction members includes:

  • Auction Insurance Agency, Birmingham, AL
  • Auto Auction Solutions, Gulf Breeze, FL
  • Capital AA, NH, DC, MD, PA
  • Capital City AA, Rancho Cordova, CA
  • Capital AA, Washington,DC
  • Carriage Trade Public AA, Conshohocken, PA
  • Greater Detroit AA, Brownstown, MI
  • Indiana Public Auto, Indianapolis, IND.
  • Lehigh Valley Auto Auction, LLC, Whitehall, PA
  • Midwest Auto Auction, Redford, MI
  • Musser Bros Trucks & Auto Auction, Nampa, ID
  • Public Auto Auctions, Kyle, TX
  • Richmond Auto Auction, Richmond, VA
  • Sierra Auto Auction, Phoenix, AZ
  • Skipco Auto Auction, Canal Fulton, OH